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Dave gives answers. He is the only coach in Ottawa that provides advice. It’s called Hybrid Coaching and it works. He’ll help you to create success out of difficult situations.

One of the most popular parts of Dave’s leadership development programs is a module called “Ask Dave”. He first added it because he wanted participants to leave with answers to challenges that brought them to the course, or that emerged while they were there. Even or maybe especially if those challenges weren’t part of the program curriculum.

Dave is a competitive person. So as time went on it became fun to see if people could stump him. Turns out that’s hard to do and it’s only gotten harder over the years.

So Ask Dave is your opportunity to try and stump him. Let’s see what you got!

Option One – Book one hour coaching session(s) to meet your specific needs. 

During your session Dave will quickly dive deeply into the challenges and opportunities you want help with. You will leave with practical next steps to follow that will bring about positive change. Sometimes these sessions are magical. As one of the people he coached said “An hour with Dave changes your life. You just won’t be the same.”

Option Two – Attend an Ask Dave group coaching session with other participants where you can not only ask your own questions, but hear everyone else’s questions and Dave’s answers to them.

This is a recreation of the Ask Dave experience in his programs. For two hours attendees ask questions and Dave answers them. Every event is a unique learning opportunity.

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Coaching with Dave

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