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Managers’ Essential Tool Kit

Create Unstoppable Leaders using the Managers Essential Tool Kit!

Eliminate performance issues, defensiveness, complacency, wasted time and more!




Most managers are promoted because of their technical competence. And then they get little help in adjusting to their new role. Some end up doing the job poorly – they become bad managers. Some start working real hard to get better. They throw everything they can at the job – their energy, emotions, logic, problem solving skills, technical skills, social skills – everything including the kitchen sink. And the cost of becoming a good manager gets really high. Dave knows the drill because he’s done it himself and helps out managers on the same exhausting path he was on. Being a good/great manager just doesn’t have to be that hard! With the right tool kit you can dramatically improve your skills as a manager without paying such a high personal price.



This workshop will teach participants to

  • Move direct reports from compliance to commitment
  • Establish measureable success criteria
  • Coach direct reports to enhance knowledge and skills
  • Motivate direct reports with diverse styles
  • Eliminate micro management and absent management
  • Empower direct reports
  • Build trusting relationships with direct reports
  • Communicate clearly with direct reports
  • Provide clear enabling feedback to direct reports
  • Source feedback from multiple sources to eliminate blind spots



Session Objectives and Climate Setting

  • Establish participant objectives/challenges
  • Identify how to integrate tools into workplace
  • Build participant relationships


Relationship vs Goal Balance

  • Skills for quickly building trusting relationships
  • Prioritize goal and task behaviors
  • Identify and activate individual strengths


Motivate Different Types of People

  • Activate competitive strengths
  • Activate collaborative strengths
  • Activate curious strengths


Performance Management Coaching

  • Establish task and competency goals
  • Close gaps in skills, time, attitude, resources and knowledge
  • Create and implement action plans



  • Use active listening
  • Lead through questioning
  • Use dialogue and debate to drive consensus



  • Use positive reinforcement
  • Transform criticism into constructive action
  • Communicate with highly sensitive people



  • Stop micro managing
  • Stop doing the work yourself
  • Start preparing people for empowerment


Next Steps

  • Meet with your leader and gain commitment
  • Further reading and resources
  • Stop Start and Continue action plan



Designed for all employees who desire results and who want to make a difference in their workplace, Managers Essential Tool Kit is a two-day workshop. We recommend a group size of 6 – 20 participants. This instructor-led, in-person/remote workshop will ensure participants receive hands-on training with real-life applications.



Each participant is provided a workbook with reference materials. Each participant also creates additional materials, personalized to his or her own workplace situation. The combination of these two elements creates a manual that is used throughout the year.

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