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Play Video about Mutually-Agreed-Success-Criteria-90-Minute-Tool

Mutually Agreed Success Criteria

From Subjective to Objective Measurement

Stop wasting time, burning resources and frustrating people. Build shared success criteria.


Tue Jan 9 2024


Play Video about 3-Coaching-Practices by Dave Jones

The Three Coaching Practices

Direct Draw & Hybrid

Develop competencies. Get the job done. Delegate. Build commitment.  


Wed Nov 29 2023

Mon Feb 12 2024


Play Video about The Three C's of Human Motivation, 90-Minute Workshop from Dave Jones, Delivered Remotely. Come and find out What Makes People Tick!

The Three C’s of Human Motivation

What Makes People Tick?

Trying to get people to do stuff for you? These tools make it easier!


Tue Feb 20 2024