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Play Video about Change Strong Workshop by Dave Jones, 1-Day, In-Person

Change Strong

Powering Change

Change feels overwhelming. Change is unwanted? Take control now!


Nov 11 2023

Tue Dec 12 2023

Play Video about Fueled By Feedback for Leaders. 1-Day Workshop delivered by Dave Jones. "Change Habits. Motivate Colleagues. Create Accountability. Coach Effectively."

Fueled by Feedback for Leaders

Change Habits. Motivated Colleagues. Create Accountability. Coach Effectively.

Managing Difficult Employees? Want to Change Their Behavior? Need to Coach? Learn How!


Tue Nov 28 2023

Play Video about Fueled by Feedback for Individual Contributors. 1-Day Workshop delivered by Dave Jones. Eliminate Blind Spots. Break Habits. Growth Mindset. Identify Strengths.

Fueled by Feedback for Individual Contributors

Eliminate Blind Spots. Break Habits.  Growth Mindset.  Identify Strengths.

What are your strengths and blind spots? How do others see you? Gain clarity! 


Thu Nov 2 2023

Thu Feb 15 2024


Play Video about Thriving Under Different Leader Styles, 1-Day Workshop

Thriving Under Different Leader Styles

Adapt. Accommodate. Align.

Is your boss a challenge? Learn what makes them tick!

Thu Dec 7 2023

Wed Mar 6 2024

Play Video about Resilience At Work, 1-Day Workshop delivered by Dave Jones. Achieve Passion Without the Price.

At Work

Passion Without the Price.

Getting tired? Feeling stressed? Trying harder? Find your strength here.

Wed Jan 17 2024