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Dave Jones' Programs

Dave Jones, a renowned leadership guru, offers life-changing Leadership Development and Individual Contributor programs with customized courses, conferences and coaching. Unleash your success potential. Explore Dave Jones’ Programs today.

Dave's On-Site Programs

Dave Jones delivers captivating customized on-site workshops for your organization that provide practical learning for your leaders and individual contributors. 

Through his expertise and engaging facilitation style, Dave equips participants with practical tools and strategies that they can immediately apply to their roles. His programs address specific challenges and empower participants to unlock their full potential, fostering confidence and driving BIG results.

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Improved Work

Two-Day Workshops - $1,249

Play Video about Managers Essential Tool Kit, 2-Day Workshop

Managers' Essential Tool Kit

Create Unstoppable Leaders using the Managers Essential Tool Kit

Eliminate performance issues, defensiveness, complacency, wasted time and more!

Sept. 26 & Oct 10, 2024 [In-Person]
March 5-6, 2025 [In-Person]

Play Video about Managers Advanced Tool Kit, 2-Day Workshop

Managers Advanced Tool Kit

Grow your Leadership Career using the Managers Advanced Tool Kit

Eliminate slow burn out, misaligned leadership, negativity, change resistance and more!

Nov. 14-15, 2024 [In-Person]

Feb. 5-6, 2025 [Remote]

Play Video about Leading Self, Influencing Others. 2-Day Workshop delivered by Dave Jones. Developing Leadership At All Levels.

Leading Self, Influencing Others

Gain commitment from others using the Leading Self Influencing Others Program

Eliminate resistance, apathy, stagnation, miscommunication and more!

May 29-30, 2024 [Remote]

April 23-24, 2025 [In-Person]

Play Video about Successful Negotiating Skills, 2-Day Workshop Delivered by Dave Jones. Learn to Get Results and Build Relationships.

Successful Negotiation Skills

Start Winning with
Successful Negotiation Skills

Eliminate damaged relationships, lost opportunities, wasted time, poor outcomes and more!

Oct. 3 & Oct. 17, 2024 [Remote]

Feb. 13 & Feb 27, 2025 [Remote]

one-Day Workshops - $749 (In-Person)

Play Video about Change Strong Workshop by Dave Jones, 1-Day, In-Person


Lead Unstoppable Change using Change Strong

Eliminate resistance, back sliding, sabotage, fear & more!

Sept. 19, 2024 [Remote]

 June 5, 2025 [In-Person]

Play Video about Fueled By Feedback for Leaders. 1-Day Workshop delivered by Dave Jones. "Change Habits. Motivate Colleagues. Create Accountability. Coach Effectively."

Fueled by Feedback
for Leaders

Activate Your Human Resources using Fueled by Feedback for Leaders

Eliminate blind spots, stagnation, defensiveness, confusion & more!

Jan 16, 2025 [Remote]
Thurs March 27, 2025 [In-Person]

Play Video about Fueled by Feedback for Individual Contributors. 1-Day Workshop delivered by Dave Jones. Eliminate Blind Spots. Break Habits. Growth Mindset. Identify Strengths.

Fueled by Feedback for Individual Contributors

Accelerate your career using
Fueled by Feedback for Individual Contributors

Eliminate blind spots, defensiveness, isolation, career stagnation & more!

Oct. 31, 2024 [Remote]
April 10, 2025 [In-Person]

Play Video about Thriving Under Different Leader Styles, 1-Day Workshop
Adapt At Work by
Thriving Under Different Leader Styles

Eliminate friction, miscommunication, misalignment, confusion & more!

Oct. 2, 2024 [Remote]
May 8, 2025 [In-Person]

Play Video about Resilience At Work, 1-Day Workshop delivered by Dave Jones. Achieve Passion Without the Price.

At Work

Combat the internal and external threats to your Resilience at Work

Eliminate stress, over commitment, boundary breaking, negativity & more!

Jan. 23, 2025 [Remote]
May 13, 2025 [Remote]

90-Minute Tools - $229 (Virtual Sessions)

Play Video about Mutually-Agreed-Success-Criteria-90-Minute-Tool

Mutually Agreed Success Criteria

Create Highly Successful Teams using Mutually Agreed Success Criteria

Eliminate poor performance, misused resources, wasted time, confusion & more!

Nov. 12, 2024 [Remote]

April 8, 2025 [Remote]

Play Video about 3-Coaching-Practices by Dave Jones

The Three Coaching

Develop Staff using
The Three Coaching Practices

Eliminate irresponsibility, costly mistakes, stagnation, turn over & more!

Nov. 5, 2024 [Remote]
Jan. 21, 2025 [Remote]

Play Video about The Three Cs of Human Motivation Workshop

The Three C’s of Human Motivation

Create unstoppable teams using
The 3 C’s of Human Motivation

Eliminate procrastination, missed deadlines, coasting, sloppiness & more!

Sept. 17, 2024 [Remote]

May 6, 2025 [Remote]

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about Dave

Trainer, Conference Facilitator, Coach, Author, Keynote Speaker

Dave Jones loves being in a real or virtual room with people helping them to figure things and people out. He shares his knowledge, experience and tools in a way that is easy to apply to real world situations. He helps people to share their wisdom with others and from them learns things he passes on. His clients like his enthusiasm, compassion, directness and grounded approach to leading others. Authenticity is on display whenever Dave is present.

Dave has worked in every sector of the economy in every province and territory of Canada, across the USA and around Europe. He is fortunate to have offered programs in multiple cultures, including First Nations communities in Canada. He is humbled by how much we have to learn from each other and by how much we truly have in common. 

As an intellectual property creator Dave has developed many practical tools that are used by thousands of clients every day. He is the author of PassionWorks! Your Guide to Passion in the Modern Workplace and the creator of the PassionWorks! Diagnostic Tool. 

In his personal life Dave spends as much time as possible in nature, often with his family, friends and dog. Having burned out himself he understands how important it is to bring boundaries, priorities, positivity and self-care to his life.