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Thriving Under Different Leader Styles

Adapt At Work by Thriving Under Different Leader Styles

Eliminate friction, miscommunication, misalignment, confusion and more!




All leaders like to use their strengths. Sometimes those strengths are a good match for the teams they lead and the environment they lead in. Sometimes the match isn’t great. The reality is that your boss is unlikely to change their approach. They are going to use their natural strengths and the more pressure they are under the more that’s true. One of the keys to success lies in identifying and adjusting to the strengths of your leader – to help them, your team, your clients and you to thrive. The better you are able to work successfully with different types of leaders the higher your resilience, productivity, career advancement, confidence and happiness.



This workshop will teach participants to

  • Understand 18 different leader styles
  • Eliminate unhelpful attachments of meaning
  • Adjust to 18 different leader styles
  • Align with 18 different leader styles
  • Build trust with 18 different leader styles
  • Communicate with 18 different leader styles
  • Motivate 18 different leader styles
  • Calm 18 different leader styles
  • Establish mutually agreed success criteria
  • Create a framework for feedback



Session Objectives and Climate Setting

  • Establish participant objectives/challenges
  • Identify how to integrate tools into workplace
  • Build participant relationships


Assumptions and Attachment of Meaning

  • Ladder of inference model
  • Question assumptions
  • Relationship clarity


Strengths Activating System

  • Underuse of strengths
  • Over use of strengths
  • Sweet spot of strengths


18 Different Leader Styles

  • Understand the styles
  • Identify preferences
  • Identify conflict potential



Motivation, Frustration and Trust

  • Establish what frustrates your leader
  • Identify what motivates your leader
  • Create trust with your leader


Environment and Culture

  • Explore alignment between business and leader styles
  • Explore influence of culture on leader styles
  • Reflect on leadership values and leader styles


Set Success Criteria

  • Establish mutually agreed success criteria
  • Create feedback parameters
  • Create an alignment and accommodation plan


Next Steps

  • Meet with your leader and gain commitment
  • Further reading and resources
  • Stop Start and Continue action plan



Designed for anyone who needs to adapt to different kinds of leaders, Thriving Under Different Leader Styles is a one-day workshop. We recommend a group size of 6 – 20 participants. This instructor-led, in-person/remote workshop will ensure participants receive hands-on training with real-life applications.



Each participant is provided a workbook with reference materials. Each participant also creates additional materials, personalized to his or her own workplace situation. The combination of these two elements creates a manual that is used throughout the year.


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