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Resilience At Work

Combat the internal and external threats to your Resilience at Work

Eliminate stress, over commitment, boundary breaking, negativity and more!




The cost of being great at your job can never be you. A reasonable philosophy, and yet those of us who are passionate in our work know how hard it is to apply that concept on a daily basis. Remote work has made it harder than ever to create a separation between our working and personal lives. The bleed is real. Your body and mind send you signals that you are paying too high a price for the outputs you expect and the inputs you are putting in. It’s easy to confuse a sore stomach, aching back, headache, irritability, heart palpitations and more with simple body ailments. It’s easy to miss the connection between those physical symptoms and the way you are working. This course helps you to change the way you work so that passion and high performance do not come at the cost of you.



This workshop will teach participants to

  • Sustain top performance in your work
  • Maintain hopefulness in your outlook
  • Create a calm emotional state
  • Deliver on the promises you make to yourself and others • Teach others how to treat you
  • Be your own resilience coach
  • Have energy outside of your work
  • Recover from stressful situations
  • Increase your feelings of agency and self-control



Resilience Assessment
  • Identify personal/professional resilience protectors
  • Identify personal/professional resilience threats
  • Communicate your assessment to others
Saying No While Saying Yes
  • Use improvisation techniques to modify timelines
  • Deflecting non-core work requests
  • Re scoping work to match resources
Enforcing Boundaries
  • Set, respect and communicate relationship limits
  • Identify, set and communicate emotional limits
  • Identify, set and communicate intellectual limits


Prioritize and Manage Risk

  • Align efforts with mission vision values
  • Align strategy with business practices
  • Craft and communicate risk accountability


Positive Psychology

  • Connect positive practices with physical and mental health
  • Identify and manage challenges with locus of control efforts
  • Adopt habits that prevent burn out



Designed for all employees who desire results and who want to make a difference in their workplace, Resilience At Work is a one-day workshop. We recommend a group size of 6 – 20 participants. This instructor-led, classroom-based/remote workshop will ensure participants receive hands-on training with real-life applications.



Each participant is provided a workbook with reference materials and completes assessment tools before and during the program. Each participant also creates additional materials, personalized to his or her own workplace situation. The combination of these three elements creates a reference manual that is used throughout the year.


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