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Successful Negotiation Skills


Start Winning with Successful Negotiation Skills

Eliminate damaged relationships, lost opportunities, wasted time, poor outcomes and more!




Competing demands. Different priorities. Scarce resources. Time constraints. Differing solutions. Tense relationships. Pressure to deliver. Limited options. Power imbalances. These things make negotiating anything in our professional and personal lives difficult. In a world where these factors don’t exist you don’t need this course! In a world where they are negatively impacting your ability to get the results you need with people you can trust – this program is a game changer. Whether you are a manager, project lead, subject matter expert, procurement specialist, sales person, parent, spouse or dealing with any of these people – this great course will give you the tools you need to negotiate successfully.



This workshop will teach participants to

  • Balance goals and relationships in negotiation
  • Identify and combat personal bias in negotiation
  • Adopt communication skills critical to successful negotiation
  • Use the Principled Negotiation Method
  • Separate positions from interests in negotiation
  • Adapt to different motivation styles in negotiation
  • Navigate power imbalance in negotiation
  • Create solutions that are easy to implement
  • Walk away from unsatisfactory proposals
  • Develop and present a strong bargaining position
  • Remain strong and calm in conflict situations



Session Objectives and Climate Setting

  • Establish participant objectives/challenges
  • Identify how to integrate tools into workplace
  • Build participant relationships


Relationship vs Goal Balance

  • Skills for quickly building trusting relationships
  • Prioritize goal and task behaviors
  • Adjust to different negotiation styles


Negotiation Motivational Styles

  • Activate and combat the competitive style
  • Activate and combat the collaborative style
  • Activate and combat the curious style


Negotiation Biases

  • Identify personal negotiation beliefs
  • Link beliefs to negotiation habits
  • Principled vs positional negotiation practices



  • Use active listening
  • Negotiation through questioning
  • Use dialogue and debate to drive consensus


Principled Negotiation Method

  • Differentiate between interests and positions
  • Create options to choose from
  • Establish shared criteria for decision making


Power Dynamics

  • Forcefully communicate interests
  • Create good alternatives to agreement
  • Clarify alternatives available to the other side


Conflict Management

  • Stop unhelpful conflict responses
  • Adopt strong and calm conflict practices
  • Use conflict to create successful outcomes and relationships


Next Steps

  • Meet with your leader and gain commitment
  • Further reading and resources
  • Stop Start and Continue action plan



Designed for anyone who has to negotiate anything anywhere, Successful Negotiation Skills is a two-day workshop. We recommend a group size of 6 – 20 participants. This instructor-led, in-person/remote workshop will ensure participants receive hands-on training with real-life applications.



Each participant is provided a workbook with reference materials. Each participant also creates additional materials, personalized to his or her own workplace situation. The combination of these two elements creates a manual that is used throughout the year.


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