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Successful Negotiation Skills
"Get Results. Build Relationships."

Successful Negotiation Skills

"Get Results. Build Relationships."

Play Video about Successful Negotiating Skills, 2-Day Workshop Delivered by Dave Jones. Learn to Get Results and Build Relationships.

Negotiation Skills

2-Day Workshop

9:00 am - 3:00 pm

Wednesday, February 28 -
Thursday, February 29, 2024

Course Location:  Innovative Professional Offices, 440 Laurier Ave., W., Suite 200, Ottawa, ON  K1R 7X6


Competing demands. Different priorities. Scarce resources. Time constraints. Differing solutions. Tense relationships. Pressure to deliver. Limited options. Power imbalances. These things make negotiating anything in our professional and personal lives difficult. In a world where these factors don’t exist you don’t need this course! In a world where they are negatively impacting your ability to get the results you need with people you can trust – this program is a game changer. Whether you are a manager, project lead, subject matter expert, procurement specialist, sales person, parent, spouse or dealing with any of these people – this great course will give you the tools you need to negotiate successfully.


Learning Objectives

for Successful Negotiation Skills

This workshop will teach participants to:

Successsful Negotiation Skills

Course Outline - 2 Day Workshop

Session Objectives and Climate Setting:

Relationship vs Goal Balance:

Negotiation Motivational Styles:

Negotiation Biases:


Principled Negotiation Method:

Power Dynamics:

Conflict Management:

Next Steps:

Successful Negotiation Skills

Audience & Group Size and
Workshop Materials

Successful Negotiation Skills